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This slideshow contains information and images from the network I owned, operated, and soley managed.  You can see how I designed and managed hersocialnetwork's social outlets; as well as, social reach statistics from  All of these stats and images were taken in late September, one month after hersocialnetwork had been launched publically in late August of 2011.'s success and social impact can be contributed to it being a site where women worldwide could come to find commonality, inspiration, have real conversation about everyday issues, events, and struggles, and soon became recognized by PR Firms, high profile sites, and by internationally known and recognized business leaders, organization; and women.  The thing that made this site attractive for women and easy for users was both it's interface, consistent theme and logo, the quality of the site's content, and that all content could be translated into any language with a click of the translator button.  Therefore, all typical barriers that a women might experience in life from not speaking a similar language, location, religion, not looking a certain way, having a particular social status, or walk of life interferred or hindered relationships.  In addition, each week, I would find a women who had done something inspirational or admirable to feature.  I created the HerWOW (Hersocialnetwork's Woman of the Week).  This piece would feature women such as CEO's, inventors, philanthropists, missionaries, stay at home moms, doctors, reknown authors, the first plus sized model, celebrities, professional chefs, and many more.  This was featured every Monday, and the women looked forward to seeing who would be featured.  In addition, every day, I would create a blog on a topic that would interest the women of the site, along with the women that I had sought out as contributors.  The fresh content on the site daily, helped our SEO skyrocket, and we soon became the #1 site listed on a google search when you googled, sites for women. 


Before the end of hersocialnetwork's first year, I was able to watch Fortune 500 executives friend women from a tribe in Africa, young aspiring writers be mentored by well known authors and contributors and publish their first books, and women grow personally and professionally because they could share their fears, problems, ask for help with personal and professional problems, seek out mentors, and do this knowing that all the women were there to help one another be the best version of themselves.  The typical stigmas that women tend to make that hinder us from supporting one another and working together to build one another up were broken. Before the end of the 1st year, hersocialnetwork was nominated as the top 100 sites for Forbes, and I became a high profile contributor and speaker for sites such as the Frisky, Gawker, Blogher, NAPW, and my material on the site was linked to over 220 sites within the first month.  

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